Determining if Home Health Care is for You Checklist

  • Do you prefer staying independent?
  • Do you need assistance in cleaning your home?
  • Do I need medical assistance to stay in my home?
  • Do I need assistance taking medication?
  • Do I need assistance with meal preparation?
  • Could I use assistance to get out of the bed or bath?
  • Do I want a company who will treat me as family?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please contact our office to see how our care team can help you. Click here to contact us.

Some Common Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Wellcare Family Home Health would like to inform you on the early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. Wellcare Family Home Health cares for your health. Growing stronger families and communities one day at a time.

Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Memory Loss
  • Difficulty completing simple tasks
  • Problem solving issues
  • Losing track of time, dates
  • Change in Mood
  • Withdrawn from hobbies or sports


  • Memory Loss
  • Forgetting daily tasks
  • Speech Problems
  • Rapid Mood Swings
  • Poor Judgement
  • Visual Difficulties
  • Stroke-like symptoms include muscle paralysis
  • Placing things in the wrong place
  • Difficulty calculating money
  • Problems with language
  • Becoming confused in common surroundings

If you believe that you or a family member may suspect a medical condition or need additional advice, please see your medical provider.

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Financial Resources

Aid and Attendance Program

This VA Program offers assists for veterans and their spouses needing home care, who meet specific criteria including income. The program is for individuals in need of assistance for basic any of the following daily needs such as bathing, dressing, sanitary needs and feeding. In order to file for the benefit, veterans will need a copy of their DD-214. Contact the local VA office for proper paperwork and more information.

Community Resources

Ohio Department of Aging

This is a governmental agency created to assisting our aging community. Some of their initiatives include transportation assistance, Golden Buckeye Program, Healthy U and can provide guidance on home maintenance.

Transportation Assistance

Contact your local Area Agency on Aging for more information. For the Dayton Area, contact 1-800-258-7277.

Golden Buckeye Program

A senior discount card that local small businesses will offer a discount for services or goods.

Healthy U Ohio

Sponsored by the Ohio Department of Aging, Healthy U Ohio helps adults with chronic diseases through community outreach programs and references online.

Home Repairs and Maintenance

Did you know that homes may need to be updated to make mobility easier for our aging population? Getting into and out of the bath or wheelchair accessibly may be required. Through specific government programs, low-income seniors can receive assistance for critical care home repairs. There are programs out there to assist low-income seniors and aging veterans with grants and loans. Stay in your homes longer and enjoy your life. Need additional advice, click here to contact our office.

Advice for Family Caregivers

As caregivers, we know how challenging life can become caring for a relative. We ask for you to remember to take time for yourself. Here at Wellcare Family Home Health Inc. we ask that you care for yourself through healthy diets, exercise and sleep. If you need assistance, there are support groups and hotlines to assist you. When the time comes for more assistance, contact our office. We would be honored to make your family a part of our family. Can Wellcare Family Home Health help? Click here to contact us. 

Hotlines and More Information

VA family caregiver hotline for information and support at (855) 260-3274
or visit their website at